Thinking of using the tablet app?

If you are thinking of using the tablet app, this article is a good place to start. It has links to other articles to help you get all the information you need.

  1. Is the tablet right for you? 
    1. Read our tablet overview
    2. Do you already use a POS integration?
  2. How do you install our software? 
    1. You can either purchase an ELO tablet from us, and we will install the software, or
    2. If you purchase your own, you can install the software using these instructions.
  3. Configuring the Online Ordering Software for the tablet app
    1. General configuration/settings
    2. Setting up a Workflow (if you want more than to Confirm and to Mark as Done)
  4. Using the tablet app
    1. Managing Pending Orders
    2. Managing Active Orders
    3. More articles
  5. Want to print directly from the tablet? Read these articles:
    1. What printers are supported by the tablet app?
    2. Setting up Tablet Printing