Takeout and Delivery Workflow Steps (Tablet Application)

The Takeout & Delivery Workflow steps control the actual workflow of your orders. They allow you to control and track progress, as well as notify the customer as to what is going on with their order. In this section, we will cover what steps are, how to create them, and what they look like from the tablet.

Accessing Your Tablet Workflow Settings

Once logged into your administrative back-end, navigate to Settings -> Tablet Settings.

The first half of the page is for your general Tablet Settings. For information on these, please visit our  Real-Time Order Management / Tablet Settings article.

Understanding the Workflow Steps

The first thing you will notice is that you are greeted with two different sections. One is for Takeout orders, the other is for Delivery orders. We will work with each of these and mirror them with minor differences. 

If you have never set up your own steps, you will see the two default steps for both Takeout and Delivery: Submitted and Done. These can be changed to your liking. You can add more steps by clicking, "Add Step", as indicated in the screenshot.

For each step, you can change the name and the SMS message. The SMS message is only filled out if you want to send a text message to the customer when this step is complete. 

You also have the ability to click-and-drag the order of your options by selecting the row as indicated below.

If you'd like to add even more customization, you will notice if you scroll down further how to add message variables to your messages. Message Variables are placeholders you place inline in your SMS text that will get replaced with data from the customers order when in use. You can use a message variable by typing it exactly as it is named wherever you want the data to appear in your message. Don't forget the curly brackets surrounding the variable name as they are required.

SMS Messages will be sent to the customer whenever a workflow step has been completed. The customer will not receive a message if the SMS to Customer box is empty.

Finally, let's make sure you save your changes.

***Note: Changes made to workflow steps requires a log off, restart of the tablet, and log in to the  Paytronix  Online Ordering  application in order to take effect. See  article on refreshing settings.


Let's take a look at what these updates look like in action for both the customer, and your restaurant's tablet!

1.) Customer places an order, and it is currently pending on the tablet, waiting to be received by staff:

2.) Restaurant staff confirm the order, and the customer receives the text message (and email), greeting them with their name via the configured message variable.

3.) The order is complete, and the takeout order can be updated as "Done" on the tablet.

4.) Customer receives notification that their order is ready for pickup!