Real-Time Order Management / Tablet Settings

Real-Time Order Management lets you take control over the life-cycle of an order. In summary, it allows you to manage how your restaurant responds to order requests, set up reminders of confirmed or unconfirmed orders, and send notifications to your customers.

Accessing Real-Time Order Management / Tablet Settings

Once logged into your administrative back-end, navigate to Settings -> Tablet Settings.

Order Management Settings

There are several options available to you to configure an order's life-cycle. References to the screenshot are below:

A.) Enable Order Confirmation - This option ensures that your staff must acknowledge that an order has been placed and received. This is a very powerful feature that is the basis of restaurant confirmation. If checked, this option reveals configurable options ( Call If Not Confirmed. More below.).

B.) Enable Order Tracker - This option is checked by default. It's the basis to allow your tablet to update an order. It is recommended to leave this option checked unless you do not want notifications of where an order is at during it's life-cycle from being placed to completed.

C.) Call If Not Ready - This serves the purpose as a "reminder" that an order has not met your configured time allotment. If checked, this option reveals one more configurable option (Ready Time, more below.). 

D.) Send Updates via Email - Your customers will already receive updates to their order via SMS (text message), but you also have the option to send these messages in emails as well.

E.) Reply-To Address  - This is the address that the emails will be sent from to the customer, if chosen to send emails as well by the previous option.


You would like to receive an automated call if an incoming order has been placed but staff are unaware of its existence. You'd like this call to happen after 10 minutes of an unconfirmed order.

Let's check off "Enable Order Confirmation", and "Call If Not Confirmed". Once checked off, another field is available to configure a time for the automated call to be sent to the restaurant.

As indicated previously, you'd like this call to happen after 10 minutes of the order not being confirmed. So, enter "10" in the newly shown field for the number of minutes of time to have passed.

Also, you want to allow 20 minutes from the time an order has been placed by the customer for your staff to confirm and complete the order. If this order has exceeded 20 minutes and is not in Ready status, you'd like an automated reminder that an order is taking longer than usual. To do this, check off "Call if Not Ready" and add 20 minutes to the "Ready TIme".

Finally, your restaurant would like to send emails in addition to the SMS messages. If the customer should reply to the message, you'd want to receive it at [email protected]. You should check off "Send Updates via Email" and enter the address you'd like to receive correspondence to.

In summary, your staff will need to confirm orders when received. If an order has not been received in 10 minutes, your restaurant will receive a call reminding you of a pending order. If the order is not prepared within 20 minutes of being placed by the customer, your restaurant will receive a call reminding you of a pending order. When there is an update to an order (such as it being Ready), your customer will receive an email in addition to an SMS update. There also is a way for you to receive a message if they choose to reply. After configuring these, you can move on to how we'd like to send notifications to our restaurant's customers so that they may know where their food is!

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