Can I use the tablet app along with a POS integration?

While you can technically use the tablet app and POS integration at the same time, there are a few things you need to know. They are not built to work in conjunction with each other, but if you let your staff know the proper way to handle things, then you should be able to use them to get the most out of PX Online Ordering order management features. 

Here are the things you need to know:

  • the order goes directly into the POS when it is placed. So, if you change the time on the tablet or reject the order, the POS does not know, and you have to communicate the changes to the kitchen manually (as they will already have the printout from the POS/original order). 
  • When training on the tablet, we make it clear that they should not reject orders without talking to the customer. It is reserved for rare/extreme situations.
  • If an order is rejected on their tablet. They show up in the Order History because they were placed orders, but if you look on the Reports page, it shows the total without those orders. 
  • Since they were rejected, the person's card authorization fell off within a few days and was never fully captured. Rejection means they shouldn't have made the food. 

If your orders in your POS aren't matching orders due to rejected orders or there are more rejected orders than expected, there are a few possibilities:

  1. They did everything right - didn't make the food.. and simply forgot to void the orders out of the POS. If this is the case, depending on the POS, you might be able to void them out and re-run the reports. 
  2. They rejected it for good reason, didn't think about the kitchen and the kitchen made the food. The customer probably did not get the food because they were aware it was rejected.
  3. An employee is using this method as a way to give away free food to friends.
  4. Employees are rejecting night orders because they want to get out earlier.