What printers are supported by the tablet app?

Here is a list of the current printers supported by the Android SDK used in Paytronix Online Ordering's Android tablet app.   

Please note that only Bluetooth and Ethernet connected versions of these printers are supported at this time.
Please keep in mind that not all of these have been tested on our tablet software. See a Paytronix employee for recommended printers if you are looking to purchase. However, if you already own a printer on this list, it is likely that you can use it with your tablet.


  • TM-T88V
  • TM-T70
  • TM-T70II
  • TM-U220
  • TM-P20
  • TM-P60
  • TM-P60II
  • TM-P80
  • TM-T20
  • TM-T20II
  • TM-T81II
  • TM-T82
  • TM-T82II
  • TM-T90II

Star Micronics (through Ethernet only)

  • mC-Print2
  • mC-Print3
  • mPOP
  • FVP10
  • TSP1000IIIW
  • TSP100LAN
  • TSP650II
  • TSP700II
  • TSP800II
  • BSC10 LAN
  • SP700
  • SM-S210i
  • SM-S220i
  • SM-S230i
  • SM-T300i
  • SM-T300
  • SM-T400i
  • SM-L200
  • SM-L300

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected], live chat, or via phone at 888.998.3286.