Step 2 - General Settings

Your General Settings page is one of the first things to set up. It has a wide variety of questions on it, but most of them should be simple to answer. These are the little details that determine exactly how your online ordering will function when your customer visits your site.

We will not go into detail about most of the fields, as they are pretty self-explanatory, but here are the things that are mandatory:

  1. Restaurant Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Web Site
  4. Sales Tax
  5. Order Types - Most restaurants will select at least Takeout and possibly Delivery, but go with whatever is applicable for your location.
  6. Location Section - Enter your street address & zip code in the first two boxes and click the Look Up Address button. This will fill in the rest, including the time zone & latitude/longitude. 
  7. Working Hours - follow this article to configure your working hours. These hours should be configured no matter which order types you accept. Please keep in mind that people can order up until those close time. So, if you close at 9pm and have a lead time of 30 minutes, your customers can order up until 9pm for a due time of 9:30. If you do not want to allow this, make sure you pad the closing time so you stop taking orders 15 or 30 minutes earlier than your closing time. 
  8. Delivery Hours - if you have selected delivery as an order type option, you will see the Delivery Hours section. This works the same as the initial Working Hours section from step 7. Set this up to include the hours that delivery is available as an option. 

There are a few other things that need to be set up on this page. These are not considered "required" as you could save the page without them, but they are very important. 

  • Logo & Header Image - if you look at the demo restaurant, you can see how these come into play. Without these, the top banner/header will be just a plain dark grey bar. 
    • Upload a high resolution logo without a background. This will be placed in the top-left of your menu, above the categories. 
    • Upload a large image (should be  atleast  2000px in width). This image will be placed at the top of your order page. Most restaurants just use a food image and our system will display a slice of it, depending on the size of device a customer is on.
  • Lead Times - these deserve their own article. Please see the next step to learn all about your options here.
  • Advance Orders - a majority of restaurants check this box. This means that someone can order for later today or for another day in the future. Without this, people will only be able to place orders for "ASAP" when you are open.
  • Closed Days - this is a calendar where you can mark any holidays or other days that you are closed for so people cannot place orders on those days. More information on that here

Once the above items are filled out, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Save Settings" button. Now you are ready to set your lead times with Step 3.