Configuring Hours of Operation

How Open Hours Work

Here is how the system treats your open hours:

  • If Advance Ordering is off, orders may be only be placed when your restaurant is open
  • If Advance Ordering is on, orders may be placed any time.  If your restaurant is closed, the customer will be prompted to select a date and time for their order
  • ASAP orders may be placed any time that your restaurant is open

ASAP Orders Around Closing Time

We treat your hours as the time that a customer can place an order.  This means, if you are open from 11 AM to 11 PM, those are the times that a customer can submit an order.

This is similar to how call-in orders work.  If a restaurant closes at 11 PM, then as a customer, I expect to be able to call at 10:55 PM and place my order.  (Although some do consider it rude to order around closing.)

Because of this behavior, it is possible for an ASAP order to be "due" after closing.  If you have a 30 minute order time, and a customer orders at 10:55 PM, their order's due time would be 11:25 PM.  Our system does permit this behavior, as it is similar to the call-in scenario outlined above.

If you want to prevent customers from ordering up until closing, we recommend changing your hours accordingly so that customers cannot place orders close to closing time.

Advance Orders Around Closing Time

We will not allow a customer to select an advance order time after closing.  Even though a customer can get an ASAP order due after closing, by placing the order very close to closing time (as outlined above), the same is not true for advance orders.

Again, it's similar to how call-in orders work.  If a restaurant closes at 11 PM, a customer would not reasonably be able to call ahead and place an advance order for midnight.

Setting Your Hours

To make changes to hours of operation, select the Restaurant Information button from the Paytronix Online Ordering account dashboard.

Scroll down the page to the Hours section of the page.

Using the sliders, set the hours of operation during which your restaurant will accept online orders.  You can select the check box next to a particular day to disable online ordering for that entire day.  You can also set hours during each day that you wish the online ordering system to stop accepting orders, using the Add Closed Period button.  This is typically used to set a period during each day for food preparation between lunch and dinner service. There are separate hours settings you can set for takeout orders and delivery orders.

When you are done making changes to hours of operation, click the Submit button to save changes.