Rapid Launch Program Setup Guide

Hello, and welcome to Paytronix Online Ordering!

If you have recently signed up with the Rapid Launch Program, this article will provide you with the steps you need to complete in order to go live with online ordering. Most of these steps are really quick and easy (5-10 minutes tops), while there are a few that may take longer depending on the details of your individual restaurant.

You do not need to complete these steps in order. We simply lay them out in the order that we follow for our full-service onboarding customers because it is what makes the most sense to us. Feel free to jump around and set things up at your own pace. 


  1. Step 1 - Adding to your Website
  2. Step 2 - General Settings
  3. Step 3 - Lead Times
  4. Step 4 - Other Settings
  5. Step 5 - Payment Setup
  6. Step 6 - Your Menu
  7. Step 7 - Order Notifications
  8. Step 8 - Testing
  9. Step 9 - Going Live (coming soon - for now, email [email protected] when you are ready to go live)

There are also some Optional Features you might want to consider setting up before you go live, although they are not mandatory like the list above.


If you need help with your setup during any point in this process, do not be afraid to contact us. Self-service does not mean you are on your own. It means, unlike Full Service, we do not do all the steps for you. However, we are always available as a resource for you.