Step 5 - Payment Setup

For the Rapid Launch program, you can select to offer one or both of these 2 payment options:

  • Pay in Person (upon collection of food)
  • Credit Card Payments (prepaid online)

Pay in Person is on by default. If you set up a payment gateway for credit card prepay, you will have options to turn Payment in Person off or to limit it to orders under a certain amount. This is all done under Settings > Order Payment.

Paytronix Payments

For the Rapid Launch Program, if you want to accept CC payments online, you must use our payment processing. Setting up 3rd party gateways can add 1-2 weeks to the timeline (possibly more) and introduce various complications. ODNPay is a very short and simple app. Follow these instructions here and you will be on your way to collecting payments in just a matter of minutes.

Now you are ready to accept your choice of payments. Time for Step 6.