Enabling Open Dining Delivery

    With Open Dining Delivery, powered by DoorDash, you can offer delivery to your customers or extend the range of your delivery fleet.  It's a great way to reach more customers and drive additional business.

    Have questions about Open Dining Delivery?  View our Frequently Asked Questions!

    Here's how to enable it for your restaurant:

    • If you haven't already filled in an address for your restaurant, do so via Settings > General Settings > Location on your restaurant admin dashboard. (You only need to fill out the address and zip/postal code; clicking "Look Up Address" will fill in the rest of the fields automatically.)
    • Also, if you haven't already done so, you will need to set up a payment gateway account for your restaurant. (On the linked article, see the "Credit Card Payments" section.)
    • Next, select Settings > Open Dining Delivery.
    • Click the "Check Delivery Availability" button.
      • If you get a message "Delivery Available!", great! You can proceed with Open Dining Delivery setup.
      • If not, sorry, Open Dining Delivery is not yet available in your area. Please check back at a later time.

    Bank Account Setup

    Your bank account will be billed weekly for the previous day's fees and tips collected by your restaurant. To set up the bank account you want to have these transactions withdrawn from, first select which method you want to use and click the proper button.

    Verify Bank Instantly

    To verify your bank instantly, you can select your bank and then log in with your online banking credentials:

    Verify Bank Manually

    To verify your bank manually, first enter your routing number and account number:

    You will receive 2 small deposits to verify that the account is yours. These usually take 24 hours to process. Once you receive those, return to Settings > Open Dining Delivery and enter them in this form to verify your account:

    Once verified, your Open Dining Delivery account is set up and ready to use. Next, you will want to configure your settings. To do this for your restaurant, please view this article.

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