Setting up payment methods

Payment methods allow you to configure how your restaurant will accept payment for orders placed through the Paytronix Online Ordering system. Paytronix Online Ordering allows your restaurant to accept cash and credit cards. You may also use a LevelUp merchant account to accept payments.

To control how customers can pay for orders for your specific restaurant, go to the Order Payment settings page. You can get here either by selecting  Order Payment from the Paytronix Online Ordering account dashboard:

Or if you are already in the settings for your restaurant, you can select  Order Payment from the Settings menu:

In-Person Payments

The first option you will want to set up is whether or not you will accept in-person payments. If the pay-in-person option is selected, customers will be able to select cash as a payment option and pay for their order when they pick it up or upon delivery..

Maximum Order Total

The Maximum Order Total can be specified to require large orders to be prepaid via credit card.  This is recommended to reduce fraud / no-shows.

Credit Card Payments

If your restaurant would like to accept credit card orders through the Paytronix Online Ordering system, you must select a payment gateway to handle credit card transactions. If you already have an account with a gateway, click on the arrow to select the one that you want to use.  For a complete list of payment gateways available for use, click here.  

When you select your payment gateway, you will be asked to fill out information specific to that particular merchant account. The example below shows the fields necessary for Authorize.Net but the fields will differ from vendor to vendor.

You must then select which credit cards you would like to accept as payment. Once you have set this up, the credit cards you are able to accept appear on the checkout page when a customer places an order.



You must specify if you would like to collect tips on takeout and delivery orders.  When you are accepting tips for either type of order, the customer will have the option to enter a tip amount to charge to their credit card.  You have two options on how to handle tips, should you wish to collect them through Paytronix Online Ordering.  You can: 

  • Pre-authorize the customer's credit card and allow them to enter a tip when the order is fulfilled.  If you choose this option you will have to log in to the Paytronix Online Ordering platform and manually enter tips after order fulfillment.

  • Require the customer to specify the tip during order submission.  You will not have to log in to enter tips after the order is fulfilled; however, your customer will have to tip in advance of receiving their order.

Address Requirements (AVS)

The next section is the  Address Requirements (AVS) section. In order to reduce order fraud, you can require customers to enter a billing address.  Paytronix Online Ordering strongly recommends that you only require information that is absolutely important to you.

Other Payment Methods

Other Payment Methods is the final section on this page. For information on setting up other payment methods, please view the Other Payment Methods article.

When you are finished making changes to your payment methods, click the red Submit button. Your payment methods are now configured. If you have already turned ordering on, these changes will be available to your customers immediately.