Third-Party Delivery FAQ

Third-Party Delivery allows you to reach many more customers by providing delivery service, without having to staff and manage a delivery operation.  We've partnered with DoorDash to seamlessly-integrate deliveries into your Paytronix ordering system.

How much does it cost?

Delivery orders cost $7.75, regardless of distance.  This covers a six-mile radius in most areas, except for San Francisco and New York.  You can split this fee with the customer, or make the customer pay the whole fee.

How does the payment work?

Customers place and pay for all delivery orders online.  You receive the delivery fee and tip as part of the normal order payment.  We will charge your bank account weekly for accumulated delivery fees and tips.

Can I deliver my own orders, too?

Yes, you can still draw delivery zones in online ordering.  Any mapped zones will be delivered by you, and anything outside the zones will be delivered by a courier.

How do I know which orders are delivered for me?

Order notifications will say "Courier Delivery" to indicate that orders are being delivered for you. Depending on your method of receiving orders, there may be additional ways we can separate these orders. 

Will I be featured on DoorDash's marketplace?

No, you will not be featured on DoorDash's main marketplace.  They are completely separate from Third-Party Delivery.

How do tips work?

All tips will be collected and paid to the DoorDash drivers.

What if there's a problem with an order?

DoorDash's 24x7 support line is available to help with any issues for live deliveries.

Why does is my restaurant's due time different than the customer's?

The restaurant is given the time they should have the order ready for the DoorDash driver. The customer is promised the time it will take that driver to actually deliver the food after the restaurant makes it. That is why the printed due time for the restaurant is earlier than the customer's promised time. 

$7.75 Seems Like a Lot!  Why So Expensive?

At first glance, $7.75 seems like a high fee. However, we let you split this fee with your customer, or pass the entire fee along to them. Customers routinely pay delivery fees through third-party services, often in excess of 15-20%, or the restaurant covers a fee in the form of a commission.

You can split fees by schedule and order size, so you can encourage more orders at slower times, but charge higher fees at peak times. The fee is also the same, regardless of distance.

Generally speaking, by splitting the fee with your customers, you can provide them with fast delivery from a trusted courier, at a reasonable price — all while keeping the customer on your online ordering system, not sending them to a third party.

Ready to start taking delivery orders?

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