Step 4 - Other Settings

Menu/Checkout Settings

Under Settings > Menu/Checkout Settings, there are some things you may want to take note of. 

  • By default, customers are allowed to type in special instructions on each of the menu items. If you want to rename this link or turn Special Instructions off altogether, you will want to set the first two fields on this page. 
  • We do recommend leaving the Special Instructions on at the beginning. This will help you see what things your customers want to see added to your online ordering so that you can continue to finetune your online menu. We even have a report that allows you to see all the Special Instructions over a specific period of time so that you can make some informed decisions about your menu configuration. 

  • For Catering locations, Meal Delivery, etc. - ASAP ordering might not make sense. If this is the case, you can set "Advance Orders Only" to set. This will force them to pick a date/time instead of being able to pick ASAP.
  • If you do set it to Advance Orders Only, you have the option to "Ask Date First," at the beginning of the order.
  • There are obviously lots of other things you can do from this page. We have covered the basics here. You can look in the Knowledgebase for more information or contact our Customer Care team.                                                                                                                         

Delivery Settings

If your restaurant offers delivery, there will be some additional settings you need to configure. 

On the General Settings page,  you will want to set these fields.

On the Delivery Settings page, you will want to  define your Delivery Zones

That should cover most everything you need for Delivery. If you have any questions on this, please contact the Customer Care team . 

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