Step 5 - Payment Setup

Paytronix Online Ordering currently offers 4 different payment options:

  • Pay in Person (upon collection of food)
  • Credit Card Payments (prepaid online)
  • Gift Cards (limited carriers available)

You can choose to use one, two, three, or even all four options at once. 

Pay in Person is on by default. If you set up a payment gateway for credit card prepay, you will have options to turn Payment in Person off or to limit it to orders under a certain amount. This is all done under Settings > Order Payment.

Paytronix Payments

New customers should be using our payment processing. It is a very short and simple app. Follow these instructions here and you will be on your way to collecting payments in just a matter of minutes.

If your contract allows you to use 3rd-party/external credit card processing, the setup steps will need to wait until you have an Implementations Consultant assigned to your project. In the meantime, you can set up accounts with one of these processors: Which payment gateways do we support?

Other Online Payment Methods

To set up your gift card account, navigate to Settings > Gift Cards and fill in the relevant information. 

Now you are ready to accept your choice of payments. Time for Step 6.