How do I create a drawn delivery map?

Drawn delivery maps are an easy way to set up delivery zones for online ordering.

The following video demonstrates how to set up a drawn delivery map; alternatively, you can follow the written steps below the video to learn how.


  • In the Paytronix Online Ordering dashboard, go to Settings > Delivery Settings (keep in mind that delivery needs to be enabled on the General Settings page for the Delivery Settings option to show up)
  • On the Delivery Settings page, click on the Use Delivery Zones checkbox
  • The map that appears has a number of functions associated with it; many of these are Google Maps features. We won't spend time on those features, except for the buttons on the bottom right. The plus and minus buttons are used for zooming in and out of the map, respectively (though you can do the same with your mouse if it has scrolling capability)
  • The buttons we want to focus on are shown at the top center of the map
  • Clicking the hand icon allows you to grab and move the map in any direction
  • The square icon is used for drawing rectangular delivery zones of any size on your map
  • The polygon-shaped icon allows you to create delivery zones of any size and shape (to complete the shape using this tool, you must click a second time on the first point you plotted)
  • You'll notice that each delivery zone you create has a Fee and a Delivery Time that can be defined to the right of the map (these fields are optional)

If you do fill out the Fee or Delivery Time fields, keep in mind that the delivery fee you set for a zone will overwrite the default delivery fee set on the General Settings page, and the Delivery Time will be in addition to the lead time set on the General Settings page.

Also note that if you have overlapping delivery zones and a customer's address falls within the overlap, the system will automatically choose the zone with the smaller delivery fee.

  • If you wish to delete a delivery zone, you can click on the red X next to the zone in the list, or you can simply right-click the zone on the actual map and it will be immediately deleted
  • Once you've made your changes, scroll down and click the Save Delivery Settings button to save your configuration