Configuring Delivery Radius/Zones and Open Dining Delivery

When you have Open Dining Delivery enabled, the standard delivery settings (Settings > Delivery Settings) behave a bit differently.

Delivery Zones

The delivery zones setting is used to specify locations that the restaurant will deliver to, instead of Open Dining Delivery. If a delivery order's location falls into one of these zones, Open Dining Delivery will not deliver it, even if it falls into the Open Dining delivery radius; it will be up to the restaurant to deliver that order instead. You can read more about configuring delivery zones here.

Delivery Radius

Note: When using Open Dining Delivery, we recommend not setting a delivery radius. For the best user experience and availability, we recommend to instead leave it blank to allow Doordash to determine how far they will deliver based on available drivers, time of day, etc. 

The delivery radius setting is used to determine how far from the restaurant Open Dining Delivery will deliver an order. So if you set it to 5 miles, for instance, then Open Dining Delivery will not deliver more than 5 miles from your restaurant, and customers outside that radius will not be able to place a delivery order, unless their location falls into one of your in-house delivery zones (see below).

Delivery Zip/Post Codes

When Open Dining Delivery is enabled, the Zip/Post Codes settings are not used; setting up zip/post codes has no effect on where Open Dining Delivery or the restaurant will be expected to deliver orders.

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