How to connect your Aldelo POS system

When an order is processed thru Open Dining, it can be automatically sent to your Point-of-Sale (POS) system and printed on configured ticket printers.  Your POS system must be connected to the Internet to receive orders from Open Dining.


Your Aldelo system must be licensed for API access.  If you're not sure, it's simple to check.  Just follow the instructions below.

If you need to enable API access, please contact your Aldelo dealer.

Installing the POS Connector

These steps must be taken on an Aldelo terminal.

  • Start by downloading our  Aldelo Integration App.

  • Run the MSI file after the download finishes.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install.
  • After the installation completes, you should have a new icon on your desktop to access the Online Orders application.  After opening it, it should appear as follows:
  • Click the List Employees button. If you see a list of employees, your integration is working properly!

API Licensing

If you don't see a list of employees when you click the List Employees button, your system is not licensed with the Aldelo API license. Contact your Aldelo dealer to get a license.

Configuring the POS Connector

  • You will need to enter a Secret Key and your Restaurant ID.  First, go into the restaurant's settings for the restaurant you want to connect.  Then, on the top menu, go to Settings, then Receiving Your Orders.
  • On the Receiving Your Orders screen, your Restaurant ID and Secret Key will be shown to connect your POS, as shown below.  Copy and paste these values into the POS Connector app into the appropriate fields.
  • Assign a POS Employee ID for orders to be entered under. You can see a list of employees by clicking the List Employees button. For best results, be sure to select an employee with full permissions.
  • Determine which tickets to print (select any or all of these: Kitchen Tickets, Bar Receipts, Guest Checks). Make sure to click Save Settings.

We recommend the following settings:
Kitchen tickets and guest checks are the most important. You may not have a bar printer or pizza printer so only check these if you have items that print to those printers/locations. Packager receipts are a good idea if you offer delivery; these tickets are for delivery drivers so they know which items are going where and to whom. It is very important that you have "Online Item Prices Override POS Prices" checked to make sure customers are being charged the amount they were shown online when they placed their order.

  • Open a browser window and log into your Open Dining account.
  • From the Dashboard select  Receiving Orders. Scroll down and check the Enable POS Integration checkbox. Choose Aldelo from the drop-down menu provided. Click Submit to save this change.

Mapping Your Menu

After the POS connector is installed, we need to connect the items and modifiers on the web menu to those in your POS system. This enables the integration to enter those items automatically.

Please see our POS Mapping Guide for more information on the POS Mapping process.