Managing Your Micros Integration

Once your Micros integration is up and running, there are a few things you should know about using it:

Can I get notified when a new order is placed?

When an order is placed, the order automatically goes into Micros and prints to the Kitchen and to the Guest Check printer. For most restaurants, this is enough. However, some restaurants may desire additional notifications. Although this cannot be done via the Micros integration itself, we do offer many secondary notifications, including phone calls, text messages and emails.

How do I close a check once the food is picked up?

When the Open Dining team configures your integration, they add an Online payment type usually called Online Payment or Online CC. For most Micros setups, this payment type is automatically visible from the All Payments screen. However, upon request, Open Dining can add a button to your main payment screen.

If someone pays for their order online, you would use this Online payment button to close out their check when they arrive to pick up their food. 

Please note that, by default, even prepaid orders are left open. We *can* have them auto-close with the payment type attached, but the preferred method is to leave them open. Please check with your Open Dining Specialist if you want to consider what it would mean to have them auto-close.

If someone does not prepay for their order online, they will be expected to pay for it in the store. If this is the case, you simply ring them up like you would any other in-person transaction. They can pay with cash, credit card or any other method you typically offer.

Why does my drawer appear to be short?

If the new Online payment type is not added to your Micros tracking groups, your reports will show that something does not line up. To correct this, simply add the Online payment type to your Micros tracking group. If you are not familiar with how to do this and do not have Micros support, please request for the Open Dining team to assist you with this.

Please note that the Open Dining team can only help with the tracking groups, which are used by Micros default reports. However, if you are using Micros custom reports, you will likely need to contact Micros Professional Services to adjust those.

What if my staff cannot see online orders?

Usually, as long as you are going with the default of keeping orders open, your staff should be able to see online orders. If they cannot, it is something with their Employee Class permissions. 

Can I refund the order from Micros?

If a customer paid in person, then you can refund the way you normally would. However, if a customer pays online, then you will need to use Open Dining's administrative site to refund the customer.  How do I refund an order?

Please check back soon for even more tips & info on using your Micros integration.

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