How do orders in Focus work?

There are some things you might want to know about how your online order will be processed through a Focus integration:

  1. Everything is handled through an Online location, which is separate from your other Focus locations. This means that printing format and other configurations *can* be different. When we first set up an integration, we try to copy the config from your in-house locations so they should start the same. If not, and you want them to be the same, please let us know to adjust. However, if you determine that you want something different to show up for Online, we can accommodate that. 
  2. Different order types & payment types are handled differently:
    1. Pick Up / To Go, paid online with CC:
      Since these orders have no action that needs to be taken on them, they are automatically closed in Focus. The payment is already attached. Note: if someone added a tip when they placed an order, it will be filed under the Online Order employee. Focus does not currently offer a way to transfer that tip. Suggested practice is to run a report at the end of a shift to see how much is on that employee and pay it out to the appropriate person.
    2. Pick Up / To Go, paid in person upon pickup:
      This order will be an open order in Focus under the Online Order employee. It can be cashed out just like any other order when the person comes in to pay.
    3. Delivery:
      Depending on how they are configured, Delivery orders will typically be open in the system and available for Dispatch. They do not typically auto-close because there is still an action to be completed (delivery itself). If they are paid online with a CC, you will see the payment on the bottom of the check. If not, you should collect payment upon delivery. If there is a tip prepaid with CC, it will automatically transfer to the person the tab is dispatched to and can be paid out per your usual method.
  3. You may from time to time see errors on your Focus orders. If you do, please take a picture and send them to Here is more information on those errors.

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