Troubleshooting Focus Integrations

This article will you help you troubleshoot the following Focus issues:

Errors on printouts

There are 2 basic errors you might see on your Focus checks. They both are very similar looking. 

[Item Name]
[Item Name]

The first thing to know is that there is no reason to panic. The check still shows you exactly what is on the order. It is merely a (very loud) warning that something does not match up right. You can take a picture of the check / receipt and email it to help@opendining for us to look into, or you can follow the guidelines below to determine the issue:

Price not found

The price not found error is very simple. The menu item in Open Dining has a different price assigned to it than the item it is mapped to in Focus. Simply determine which one has the price that needs to be corrected and update it. You should not see this issue again for this item.

ID not found

The ID not found error can have a few different causes. It is possible that the item is simply not mapped. To check for unmapped items, follow  our instructions on viewing your unmapped report

Another reason that you might see this error is that you have edited the ID field on that Focus item since we last exported your menu to our system. You can change the Remote Name, Check Name and Menu Name at any time, but it is better to not change the ID field of an item connected to our system.

Sometimes, you might see that the item is mapped and it has not changed. These situations might be a little trickier. There are currently 2 things we are aware of that could cause this. One is the Focus line break symbol, ^. The ^ can be used in the Menu ID field to add a line break to the item name as it appears on your Focus screen/canvas. However, this symbol should not be in the "ID" field. If you find an item that has the ID Not Found error because there is a ^ in the ID field, simply replace it with a [space] (or delete it if it is at the end of the ID). The other known issue is if there are extra spaces at the very beginning of an ID or the very end. You can simply delete those if you find an item with that issue. 

This concludes the information you need to fix those Focus errors. If you find other scenarios or need assistance determining the root cause of an error you have received, please contact us at

Items missing from check/printout (or printing to the wrong printer)

There are two things you will want to check here:

1) What printer group is set for the item? Make sure that is set to an appropriate group.

2) Does that printer group have a printer assignment set for the Online location? (Go to Locations > Locations / Select the Online location from the Left / Click on the Printer Assignment tab, and make sure that the printer group is linked to the appropriate printer)

Taxes are not matching

On occasion, you may see a mismatch of sales tax from Open Dining to Focus (and possibly with in, a price adjustment with no price error). There are a few things you can look at to get to the bottom of this:

  • First, does the sales tax in Focus (Order Entry > Taxes) match that in your General Settings page on Open Dining?
  • Next, do you have certain menu items that are *not* taxed (some locales for instance do not tax cold food or certain beverages). If so, please make sure that your menu items in Open Dining are set up to not be taxed (Setting Up Non-taxed Items).
  • if you are using coupons, make sure that your *Online Coupon* item is set up properly and matches the way your taxes are set up on the actual coupon in your ODN online ordering system. 
  • If you have a Delivery Fee, make sure that it is either taxes or not taxed in both Focus and Open Dining (Settings > Delivery Settings). If it is being taxed in one system but not the other, that is likely the source of your problems.

Future/Advance orders are not printing

If you have "Allow Advance Orders" checked on the General Settings page, you will want to make sure that Focus is set up to handle these orders properly. 

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