Using Social/Viral Sharing Campaigns

What is Viral/Social Sharing?

Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular means of reaching large audiences. One form of this is Viral/Social Sharing. This sharing is a way for you to offer your customers incentives for spreading the word about your company or product(s).

You provide a coupon to your customers for sharing your link. Their friends use the link to order food from your restaurant and they get a coupon as well. Now, they share it with their friends and so on; and so it spreads, like wildfire! And all you had to do was offer a coupon. Paytronix Online Ordering and today's Social Media obsession take care of the rest!

How do I use Viral/Social Sharing?

  1. First you will need to set up 1-2 coupons. One for the original customer helping to spread the word and one for their friends who click on their link. You can use the same coupon for both of these if you want. For instructions on setting up coupons, see How to create a Coupon.
  2. Click on the Settings menu and select the Social/Viral Sharing option.


  3. Check the "Enable Social / Viral Sharing" box.

  4. Select the coupon(s) you want to use for both the referral and the referring customer. The descriptions for each one are listed on the page for clarity.
  5. Edit the sharing section header and text that will show up on the order confirmation page to encourage your customers to share your online ordering link.


  6. Edit the Default Tweet. Your customers will be able to edit their tweet content before posting it.
  7. Click on "Save Sharing Settings." Your feature is now live!

How will this appear to the customer?

When a customer places an order from your menu, they will receive a confirmation page thanking them for their order.

On this page they will receive the message you programmed in the Sharing Section Header and Sharing Section Text. They will then be able to click on either the Facebook or Twitter icon. If they are already logged into their accounts, they will be able to edit their posts and submit them immediately.

If they are not yet logged in, they will first be prompted to do so.

If you place a test order on your system, you can see this in action. 


We suggest you use unique coupons for this. That means create specific coupons just for this campaign. This will enable you to better track your success with the Coupon Report.