How do I track order sources?

If you have orders coming from multiple locations, it may be useful to track where individual orders are coming from. One method you can use to do this is through the "source" parameter. This is a parameter that you can include in your Paytronix Online Ordering menu URL to track which source the order originated from. You will then be able to view the breakdown of order sources on the Orders Sources report on Paytronix's Reports page. 

To Adjust the Way You Call your Menu on a Given Source

In the URL you have on your website (or the link you are using in an ad), you will see something like this:

You will want to append the source parameter and source string to something like this: source string you want)

The source string is what will be used to identify that particular source. For example, if you wanted to call it "mainsite," you would make it something like:

In the case of an embedded menu, it would look something like this:

**Please note the RESTAURANT_ID will not actually say "RESTAURANT_ID." It will instead be an actual unique ID for your restaurant.