Managing Your White Label Plans (WL)

Ready to start signing up customers? Awesome! In order for your customers to be able to sign up under your white label, though, you'll need to first set up subscription plans via your control panel. It's really easy, I promise!

First, click on the Plan button at the top of your white label main admin page:

You'll be brought to the White Label Plans page, which will look like this:

If you already have all the information filled in for another plan, you just need to click the Add Plan button to create a new one.

Let's step through what the different fields on this page mean:

  • Name: the name of your plan (for instance, "Premium", "Standard", "A Simple Plan", "Master Plan", "Man with a Plan"...whatever works for you).
  • Code: this field essentially gives the plan an ID that differentiates it from other plans in your white label on the backend. *It's important to note that if you're using Recurly for managing your customer subscriptions, the code has to be exactly the same in Recurly as it is in the Code field in your white label instance.
  • Monthly Fee: this is the amount you wish to charge the customer for that particular plan on a monthly basis
  • Per-Order Fee: the amount (if any) per order that you wish to charge the customer on top of the monthly fee.
  • Order Percentage: same as the per-order fee, but it adds X% of the order total to the final amount rather than a flat dollar amount.
  • Fax Fee: the amount (if any) you wish to charge for faxes if your customer is using a fax to receive order notifications.
  • Trial (Days): the amount of time you'd like to give your customer after they've entered their credit card information to test out the system in a live environment before they get charged a subscription fee. We highly recommend allowing this setting it for 14 days.
  • Active?: this determines whether or not the plan is available for people to sign up. Make sure to leave this box checked unless you're not offering that particular plan anymore or you need it to be made unavailable short-term
  • Features: this section lists out all the individual features that can be associated with a plan. Any features left unchecked will inform the customer in their control panel that their plan does not include that particular feature.

Once you have all the above fields filled out the way you want them, simply click on the green Save Plans button below that section to save your changes. Now, all your customers have a new subscription option they can choose from!