Configuring Brink Discounts

In order to use coupons and reward discounts on online orders, we need to be able to send discounts to Brink. 

Here is an example of how it should be configured in Brink:

The red boxes are required. The turquoise boxes are optional.

The yellow box is required for the loyalty discount but should not be checked for the coupon discount.

  • Name
    • {whatever you want to call it in Brink}
  • Id
    • automatically assigned by Brink
  • Printed Name
    • {whatever you want to call it in Brink}
  • Type
    • Comp
  • Granularity
    • Order 
  • Percent
    • leave at 0
  • Options: Check the following boxes:
    • Active
    • Must Enter Amount
    • Allow Prior Discount
    • Allow Later Discount