Brink Menu Troubleshooting

1. No Menu List on the RYO Page

On the Receiving Your Orders page, where you select which menu to pull from Brink, you may sometimes see a blank dropdown list. If this is the case, it means there is not one flagged as an online menu inside Brink.

To properly configure this, follow these instructions.

2. No Modifiers Pulling Through on my Menu Sync

If you have successfully connected a menu on the RYO page (from issue 1 above) and see menu items but no menu modifiers, it is likely that your menu in Brink is built with Menu Modifiers instead of Item Modifiers. At this time, our menu sync only pulls in Item Modifiers. Now that Brink has opened up the API to allow both to come through, we do plan to modify our integration to utilize either, but that work is not currently scheduled.