Test Order Guidelines - DoorDash orders

If you are placing a test order which uses DoorDash delivery, in addition to the standard guidelines you will need to keep a few more things in mind:

  1. You must place the order at least 3 hours in advance. This will give you time to verify that the restaurant received the order before you have to cancel the delivery. If the delivery is not cancelled at least 2 hours prior to the due time, the restaurant will be charged a delivery fee! Therefore placing the order 3 hours in advance gives you enough time to verify and cancel.
  2. You must pay for the order with a credit card; you can't use pay in person (PIP or cash payment). There is no way around this currently.
  3. You must change the time on your computer to match the timezone of the restaurant; otherwise the order might not submit.
  4. When you are all done testing the order, you will need to go to the order in the online ordering system and click the following 3 buttons, in this order:
  • Cancel Delivery
  • Cancel Order
  • Delete

Remember to do this at least 2 hours prior to the order's due time, for the reason stated above.