Issues when integrating a new location with Revel POS

When you want to integrate a new location with Revel POS, please reach out to our support, but if you already did and you are encountering issues please follow the instructions below.

You may encounter issues when you want to integrate the second location with Revel POS and you already have a location with an existing integration. Orders might not go through on the existing one, only on the one you added, and that could be a sign that when adding the new one, the integration broke for the old one.

When you set up a new location with Revel, the API Key and the API Secret get reset. So, basically, you will need to grab the key and secret from the working location’s Settings > Receiving Your Orders page and paste them on one that is not working.

You will need to follow this process for all the new locations that you add, and you will need to copy and paste those values to all the existing locations that are integrated.

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