How to connect your Revel POS System

When an order is processed through  Paytronix Order & Delivery, it can be automatically sent to your Point-of-Sale (POS) system and printed on configured ticket printers. Your POS system must be connected to the Internet to receive orders from Paytronix Order & Delivery.

One of the existing POS integrations for Paytronix O&D is with Revel POS. If you have Revel POS and want to integrate it, contact your Paytronix representative to get started. As part of your implementation project, you will receive an integration guide for Revel. It will walk you through the steps necessary for setting up a Revel POS system with online ordering via the Paytronix O&D platform. This mostly includes steps in O&D on the Receiving Your Orders page, but it may also require some adjustments inside your Revel POS. As Revel is s cloud-based POS, there is no need for software installation for this integration.

The guide will cover the following:

  • Prerequisites 
  • Enabling the Integration 
  • Receiving Your Orders page settings 
  • Revel Configuration Steps 
  • Menu Setup & Mapping