Step 8 - Testing

Before you go live, Paytronix recommends going through final testing. This phase involves reviewing the menu, running test orders, reviewing your order history and checking order printouts.

Menu Review

You could review and test your menu by clicking " Preview Menu" on the upper right-hand side of your dashboard. It will open your menu in a new tab. From there, you could start reviewing all menu items (descriptions, pictures, etc.) and make sure that all options and other important information are displayed.

Start placing orders just like a regular customer. Place an order using the “ Add to Order” button on menu items and check out with the “ Checkout” button. We strongly recommend testing or adding items from option groups/lists. Complete the order by filling out required fields on the checkout page and hitting “ Submit.”
Place as many orders as you can to fully test the whole menu.

Order Notifications

Upon submitting the order, make sure that order notifications are received. If you are not receiving orders, make sure that your printer is properly connected and has ink and paper. If you still have issues, pleasereach out to your Launch Specialist.

Order History

Navigate to your Orders page and verify the order.

Now, time to  Go Live!