Step 7 - Order Notifications

Order Notifications

Order notifications are the different ways you want to receive your orders. Some restaurants select one method while others select a primary method with other methods as  backup , as record keeping, or as a simple notification to let them know that a new order has been received. We offer multiple options and you can select as many of them as you would like.

Primary Order Notification Methods

For the Rapid Launch Program, the primary order notification is one of the following 3:

  1. Tablets - You can either provide your own or order ELO tablets through our reseller. 
  2. Receipt Printer App - This allows a ticket/receipt to automatically print when an order is placed. It needs to be installed on a Windows machine and can only print to printers available within Windows. Your Launch Specialist will walk you through the installation at a lab or single location, and you will be responsible for repeating the process at the other locations.
  3. Order Notifier - This allows a new order notification to pop up on the screen of a Windows machine.

Secondary Order Notification Methods

There are many ways you can receive secondary notifications. The following can be set up under Settings > Receiving Your Orders:

  • Phone Call
  • Emails
  • Text Messages / SMS

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