Synchronizing Menus in a Merchant account

When menus are the same across multiple locations if the locations are tied together in a 'Merchant' account. you can sync menus. Syncing menus is typically better than copying menus because it keeps the menu id intact and, therefore, does not break repeat orders. 

Here are the steps you can follow to sync a menu:

1. Go to the Merchant page that you want to sync menus for. You can do this by first clicking on the 'Merchant' button in the upper right corner of your account.

2. Click on 'Menu' on top of the page, then 'Sync Menus':

3. From the dropdown, select the location that has the updated menu. This is the one that will be "copied" over to other locations. Then choose the individual destinations, or 'Select All' for all destinations.

Determine if you want to sync the disabled items as well. If you commonly enable/disable items then this may be a good idea. Syncing disabled items should not have any negative effects since those menu items are not currently live on the menu. 

4. Click the "Synchronize Menus" button.

5. Wait for the success message to appear at the top of the page: