The "Order Online" button looks wrong in Internet Explorer

This frequently occurs if Internet Explorer is not using "standards" mode. The Open Dining button requires "standards" mode to work properly.

Each web page on the internet has a doctype that tells the browser how to interpret the page's content. Based on the doctype, the browser may use either "standards/strict" mode, or "quirks" mode. If a doctype is not specified, quirks mode is used by default.

To enusre that the Open Dining button displays properly in Internet Explorer, the page's author must use a strict/standards doctype. The current standard, HTML5, uses the following strict doctype:

<!DOCTYPE html>

If, for some reason, you want to avoid the latest HTML5 features, then the strict HTML 4.01 doctype is recommended:


Make sure you are using a current browser version. Internet Explorer 7 is no longer a supported browser. Microsoft has stopped putting out browser patches.

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