Setting up Focus POS to work with Open Dining Delivery

Open Dining Delivery orders are sent to Focus just like any other orders. However, you may want things to behave slightly differently:

  • You may want the tips and delivery fees to be filed and reported on separately since they are not actually being kept by the restaurant but instead are paid out to DoorDash, and
  • You may want to have a separate order type so everyone knows when a specific order is meant to be picked up by a DoorDash driver instead of the customer him/herself.

The following steps will help you to configure your Focus POS to accommodate these needs:

Tips and Fees Reporting

  1. First, create a reporting group called something like NS - OD DELIVERY or NS - OD COURIER or something like that. 
  2. Then, create a menu item that is attached to that Reporting Group and has Variable Price set:
  3. On the Receiving Your Orders page, make sure to set the field Open Dining Delivery Item ID with the exact name that you set as the ID in the menu item from Step 2:Please note that this setting will only be displayed when Open Dining Delivery is enabled for your restaurant. 
  4. Save your settings at the bottom of the RYO page and this part is done.

Adding a New Order Type

  1. Go to Order Entry > Order Types. Find the Online Togo order type.
  2. Copy and paste the Online Todo order type to a new order type and name it something like OD Courier (or OD DoorDash or something like that). 
  3. Then, go to Miscellaneous > Online Ordering and click on the Online Ordering tab.
  4. On the bottom of the screen, you will see the Order Type mappings. Type in the name of the Order Type and select the order type from the Focus Order Type list:
  5. The above 2 values do *not* need to be the same, but it is sometimes easier to remember if you make them the same. The value on the left is what you need to enter on the Receiving Your Orders page, exactly, in the Open Dining Delivery Order Type field:
  6. Please note that this setting will only be displayed when Open Dining Delivery is enabled for your restaurant. 
  7. Save your settings at the bottom of the Receiving Your Orders page.
  8. If you set up its own Order Type, there are 2 other things you will want to check:
    1. Under Printers > Remotes, since you have added a new Order Type, you will want to make sure it is set to the same as the Online Togo Order Type:
    2. Under Order Entry > Check Filters, if you have a filter for Online Orders, you will want to make sure that the Order Types list is adjusted to include this new Order Type:
  9. That is it. Let us know if you think there is anything else that would help to keep your reports and your kitchen process running smoothly for Open Dining Delivery orders. Thank you!

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