How does the WordPress plug-in work?

The WordPress Plug-in adds an Order Online! button to your WordPress-powered website, and was developed as a shortcut for users not comfortable modifying their WordPress template. It essentially embeds the standard Order Online! button / widget automatically (it is an HTML / JavaScript snippet).

After building your menu on the Open Dining platform, go to the Web Tools section from your Dashboard. Hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page to refresh your menu links (the page will reload with added sections; Link to Your Menu, Order Now Button, and App ID).

The Link to Your Menu will show you your live menu (you will see what your customers will see).

The steps above are required regardless of how you plan to integrate your menu within your WordPress site.

To link your Open Dining menu to your WordPress site (using the WordPress Plug-In)

First you must download our Open Dining Wordpress plug-in. Follow the installation instructions, and when prompted, copy and paste the App ID from the Web Tools page.

If you are not sure how to manage your WordPress plug-ins, check out this WordPress Codex article.

To link your Open Dining menu to your WordPress site (by modifying your WordPress theme)

Copy and paste the code shown under the section titled Order Now Button into your theme's footer. Our Order Online! button will appear on all pages.

Make sure to also connect your menu to your Facebook page and to your mobile website.