Connecting Ordermark with Open Dining

Ordermark allows online orders from many sources, such as third-party marketplaces, to be sent to a single printer.  This allows you to consolidate operations and reach more customers without adding a series of cumbersome tablets.

Ready to connect your Open Dining location with an Ordermark printer?

  1. Log into your Open Dining account
  2. From the top menu, select Settings, then Receiving Your Orders
  3. On the Receiving Your Orders page, scroll down to the Ordermark section:
  4. Check the Enable Ordermark Integration checkbox, and note the Open Dining ID below the checkbox
  5. Click the Save Order Receiving Settings button to save your Open Dining settings
  6. Provide Ordermark with the Open Dining ID from the Receiving Your Orders page:
  7. You're all set!
We recommend sending a couple of test orders, to verify that Ordermark is connected and printing properly.

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