Google Cloud Print not working properly

Google Cloud Print (GCP) is one of the fastest ways to be notified of an order. So, if you are not receiving orders, or are experiencing delays in receiving the order (because it's stuck in the print queue), here are a few areas to troubleshoot:

  • Verify your printer is associated with your Google account and connected to Google Cloud Print. Did you follow these directions?

  • Try printing anything else to make sure GCP is working effectively. For example, you could try printing something from Chrome or from any of these applications.

  • You can also check out this Google Cloud Print site to print a test page or for instructions on connecting your classic printer (one that is not already Cloud Print Ready).

If you have done the above and it seems to be working properly outside of  Paytronix Online Ordering, then:

  • Verify you have logged into Google within your Paytronix Online Ordering account. If you can print thru GCP with other documents, then this could be the culprit. To check if you are signed into Google thru your Paytronix Online Ordering account, select the Receiving Orders page from the Account Dashboard.

If you see this image at the bottom of the page, it means you are not signed into Google properly.

So, log into your Google account. Make sure your printer is listed. Also, be sure to enter a font size for printing ("10" is recommended).

Another possibility is that you signed into the wrong Google account within  Paytronix Online Ordering. Yes, it happens. If this is the case, send an email to [email protected] requesting to have your GCP sign-in information cleared out.

You can do the same from your side by de-authorizing the Paytronix Online Ordering app in Google. It should make our app re-request access (forcing you to sign in to Google again from our system).