Configuring EPSON Printer Hardware (Ethernet)

On EPSON ethernet-connected receipt printers, there is a configurable settings page accessible via a web browser. EPSON receipt printers are shipped with a default configuration that will need adjusting before the printer can work on a restaurant's network. Here's how to connect the hardware and access the EPSON setup page to configure the IP information to be compatible with the restaurant's network:

1. Plug the printer's ethernet directly into a computer's ethernet port; this will give you a straight connection from the printer and the computer you want to work from (keep in mind that doing this will likely disable the internet connection on the computer you're working from. Also, if the computer has a wifi connection (like a laptop), the wifi may also need to be turned off on the computer temporarily in order to reach the printer).

2. On the computer that you've connected directly to the printer, go to Control Panel, double-click on Network and Sharing Center, then click on "Change adapter settings" in the left pane:


3. Right-click on 'Local Area Connection' (it may have a number after it) and click Properties:


4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click Properties:


5. In the Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties window, it's probably currently set to "Obtain Address Automatically" (if it's not, be sure to make note of the IP address information in the fields so you can change it back later.

The default IP address for EPSON ethernet receipt printers is and the subnet mask is So, the IP address you give the computer you're using to connect to the printer will need to have the same 192.168.192. prefix as the printer. Per the below screenshot, our example shows that we're using as the IP address (also make sure that the Subnet mask has been set to


6. Click OK. You might need to click OK 2 or 3 times to get out of all the networking windows. This is the step where you're going to lose the internet connection on the computer you're working from.

7. Now, open up a web browser and type into the address bar:


The EPSON config/admin page is going to look something like this:


8. Click on TCP/IP in the left pane (circled above).

9. On the TCP/IP page, there will be a field for the printer's IP address, which will be set to the default Change that IP address to an available IP address on the restaurant's network and save your changes.

10. Give it a minute, then print out a new network test page from the EPSON and confirm that it has the new IP address you set.

11. Go back in to the computer's network settings and change the IP address information back to what it was originally (again, most likely it was set to Obtain address info automatically). Click OK to exit all the network pages.

12. Unplug the printer from the computer, and plug it back into the router. Plug the computer's original ethernet cable back in and ping the printer to ensure it can be reached.