How to Set Up Option Levels

What are Option Levels?

Option levels allow customers to modify an individual option selection, such as specifying "double" for a topping/ingredient or "no" to exclude a given topping/ingredient.

Sample Applications:

  • Cheese on a Pizza: No, Easy, Normal, Extra
  • Green Peppers on a Chef Salad: No, Easy, Normal
  • Spice Level on a Burrito: No, Normal, Super, Red Hot

How are Option Levels displayed on my menu?

Option levels are set up on option groups where multiple options are allowed. Here's how it looks like on a Cheeseburger's condiments option group: 

How do I set up Option Levels on my Paytronix Order & Delivery menu?

  1. Login to your Paytronix Order & Delivery Dashboard, and go to the Menu page
  2. On the left-hand side, right below your menu categories, click "Option Levels"

  3. On the next page, enter your desired Level Name (e.g., Condiments), then hit Create Option Level.

  4. On the next page, enter the required information

    • Level Value: Name of the level (e.g., No, Normal, Extra)
    • Is Default Value?: The default level for a specific option (generally set to 'Normal' or 'Regular')
    • Price Multiplier: Multiplies the option price by a given value (e.g., multiplies the cost by 2 for "double price", or 0.5 for "half price")
    • Extra Cost: Adds a fixed cost to the option price (e.g., adds $1)
    • Extra Cost by Size: Adds a fixed cost to the option price, based on the item size selected (e.g., adds $1 for Small items, $2 for Large items)
  5. Click "Save Level"

How do I attach an Option Level to a menu item?

So, you have created your very first Option Level and want to attach it to a menu item? Let's use the Cheeseburger condiment example.

  1. Create an option group for the menu item (if you don't have one yet) by clicking "Add Option". Make sure to Allow Multiple Selections. Enter your desired options and hit "Create Option"
  2. Click the "Levels" drop-down menu, and select the option level you just created (e.g., Condiments)

  3. The Option Level is now assigned to the option group. Save everything by clicking " Save Menu Item" at the bottom of the page.