Configuring Custom Policies

To comply with applicable laws or third-party requirements, or simply to inform your customers, you may choose to provide links to custom policies, such as privacy policies.  This is especially important in European countries, where the GDPR applies.  Upon request, we can execute an addendum agreement with standard contractual clauses, should they be required for your jurisdiction.

The Open Dining system allows you to supply these policies, which will be displayed to customers as they use the online ordering system.

Configuring Custom Policies

  1. Within the Open Dining system, on the top navigation, select Settings, then Menu/Checkout Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Policies section.
  3. You may add a custom policy by clicking the Add Policy button.
  4. You may edit or delete existing policies by using the edit or delete icons next to the applicable policy.

Any changes to policies are effective immediately.

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