How do I link my Paytronix Online Ordering menu to my mobile website?

First question; Do you already have a mobile site? or Do you intend to use ours?

If you intend to use our mobile site:

  • Sign into your Paytronix Online Ordering account
  • Select the PublishMobile Web App section from the Dashboard.
  • Select a previously named App, or create a new one.
  • Make any custom changes to the app - change the color scheme, button descriptions, other links, even upload your own background image.


  • Click Update App Settings to save your changes.
  • Use either the Direct Link or a Redirect Script to connect your Paytronix Online Ordering menu to your mobile site. Of course it really depends on what architecture/programming language you used to build your existing site. There are several redirect scripts (code snippets) - PHP, Ruby,, Java.... If you are using Apache as a web server, then you can use the .htaccess snippet.

For further assistance contact your web developer.

If you use a WordPress website, you need to send mobile traffic to our Mobile Web App instead of the main site. You can use a WP mobile redirect plugin to send mobile users to our URL. Something like this plugin should do the trick. Copy the URL from the Direct Link and you're done.

If you intend to use your own mobile site:

Simply link to your mobile menu with<Restaurant ID> (where the Restaurant ID is the long alpha-numberic sequence that starts with something like this: "4f0ed2...".

Note: the script is written in jQuery mobile, which pulls from our API. If you really want to play with the source code for our mobile app, check here.