How to create a Custom Feedback Action

Custom Feedback Actions are a way to easily respond to customers who leave feedback on their orders. They can also be used to make an automated email response appear to be a much more personal email to the customer. By creating a Custom Feedback Action, you can reply with the click of a button.

In order to use Custom Feedback Actions, you must first create them in the Paytronix Online Ordering admin site. You can do this simply by going to Settings on you restaurant's dashboard and then Feedback

Then scroll down to the Customer Feedback Action section and click Add Action. 

The Create Feedback Action page will open.

In the Action Name you can write something that is easy for you to remember, so when you are replying to the customer you know what the email contains as a feedback. This is what the label will be on the button you click for sending that particular email.

Email Subject is the subject that the customer will see when they receive your email. 

Email Message is the message you send to the customer. It can contain the Customer Name which will automatically be populated with that customer's name to personalize the message.

It is up to you how you use the custom feedback actions, but we recommend making them specific to certain situations. For example, having a "Cold Food" one and a "Late Delivery" one, etc. This makes it seem as if you just took the time to type up that email just for that customer when really all you did was click a button! 

You can decide if you want to send a coupon to customers who receive this particular response in the Send a Coupon section. 

Some restaurants even have an action for "Awesome Feedback." It does not take much to make a customer who is already happy with you feel even happier!

Now that you have set up your actions, it is time to wait for that next piece of feedback. Once you receive feedback in an email, you will see buttons at the bottom of that email for each action you created in the steps above. Simply click on the appropriate button and it will send your email. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about Custom Feedback Actions.