How do I receive orders with HP ePrint?

HP's ePrint service is a great way to receive online orders without a dedicated fax line. The printer only requires WiFi to receive orders from the Paytronix Order & Delivery platform.

First, you need an ePrint-capable printer. See HP's web site for more information on ePrint.

After setting up ePrint, HP will provide you with an email address for your printer. To find your printer's email address, click here. Simply enter that email address under Email Settings on the Receiving Orders screen (accessible from the Dashboard), and orders will be sent directly to your printer automatically.

Don't worry, if you have a "classic" printer, you can still take advantage of HP ePrint to receive food orders. You just have to jump thru a few more hoops to get it connected. Follow these instructions to set up your printer.

Note: If you want to send emails to multiple addresses, just separate them with commas, and we will email everyone on the list whenever you get orders.