Adding Calorie Counts to Your Online Ordering Menu

Certain restaurants may now be required to show calorie counts and other nutritional information on menus.  If you need to enable calorie counts, follow the instructions below.


Paytronix Online Ordering does not provide legal advice, and any/all guidance should be treated only as recommendations.  Consult your advisors or legal counsel to determine your menu requirements, based on your specific situation.

Video Walkthrough

We've created a brief video to walk you through the process of enabling and configuring calories.

Enabling Calorie Counts

  1. From the top navigation menu, select Settings, then Menu/Checkout Settings
  2. Check the Enable Calorie Display checkbox
  3. If desired, customize the calorie label, adds prefix for modifiers, or footer text for the succinct statement of calorie information
  4. Click the Save Settings button to save your settings

Entering Calorie Counts

Once calorie counts have been enabled, you will need to enter calorie information.

  1. From the top navigation menu, select Menu
  2. On the left-hand column, click the button labeled Calorie Counts
  3. For each item and modifier, enter the appropriate calorie value; you do not need to enter the "cal" suffix, this will be added automatically
    1. For items with a single size and calorie value, you can simply enter the value, like "300"
    2. For items with multiple sizes, you can enter slash-separated values or ranges, such as "150/300" or "150-300"
    3. We recommend entering 0 for items or modifiers with no calories, so that it's clear that the values are not empty

There are several ways that we've made the form fast to use:

  • You can press shift twice as a hotkey to go to the first empty field
  • The Tab key can be used to quickly go between form fields
  • The green arrow icons can be used to fill similar field values

Nutritional Information

You may also need to provide detailed nutritional information upon request. For details on setting that up, please see  the following article.