Printing Customer Information in Revel

If you have a functioning Revel / Paytronix Online Ordering integration where orders are coming through and printing, but you want to see more customer information on the kitchen tickets, here is what you need to do:

  1. In your Revel administrative portal, click on the Settings icon in the top nav bar:
  2. Toggle to the Classic View:
  3. Then change the Settings dropdown from Basic to Advanced:
  4. Find the Kitchen View/Kitchen Print option in the left menu and select it:
  5. The first field that will appear is called Extra Items Printers. Verify if a printer is set there. If not, set it to the appropriate kitchen printer(s) you want this information to print at.
  6. You may also want to check the Kitchen print options (usually the third field down) to make sure that Notes is selected (please note this is a multi-select field so you will need to hold down Ctrl and click on Notes to add it; otherwise you may overwrite your previous choices and will need to come back to the page without saving).
  7. Click on the Save button in the top right:
  8. Refresh the Kiosk you are using for your integrations (listed in your Paytronix Online Ordering administrative portal, under Settings > Receiving Your Orders > Station ID; you can click on the List Stations button to see the name of the station this is connected to).
  9. You can now test to see if the information you want to see is printed on the ticket. 
  10. If you still don't see the information, you may need to configure it in the Paytronix Online Ordering administrative portal. On the Receiving Your Orders page, scroll the bottom of the page to see which notes are currently set:
  11. Carefully select only the items you want to see printed. We would recommend Delivery Info, Customer Info  and Advance Order Note. Now you can again test and should be able to see the information you seek on the kitchen ticket.