How do I send a coupon to an individual customer?

You can send coupons to customers individually via the dashboard.


  • First, go to Orders in the dashboard menu bar
  • Find the order in the list for the customer you wish to send a coupon to and click the Send Coupon button on the far right of that line item

Note that the Send Coupon button will not show up if no coupons have been defined under Settings > Coupons.

  • A Send a Coupon window will pop up, containing a Coupon dropdown list and a Note to Customer field
  • Select the coupon you wish to send the customer via the Coupon dropdown list. You can also send a message to the customer via the Note to Customer field, but this is completely optional
  • Once you are ready, click the Send Coupon button and the customer will be sent an email message with a unique coupon code to use on a future visit to your restaurant's online ordering