Managing Past Orders

This article will walk you through managing past orders. To do this, you will first need to view your Paytronix Order & Delivery order list by  following these instructions.
Here is a list of the actions you can take on a past order:
  • View Details
  • Refund (partial or full amount)
  • Resend receipt to customer
  • Resend order to restaurant (limited to certain notification types)
  • Adjust order date/time
  • Send a Coupon
  • View Delivery Details (if applicable)
  • Delete Order
  • Ban customer
  • Provide fraud scoring

You will see details and instructions for each below.

View Details

To view the order, simply click anywhere in the row for that particular order. You will then see this screen:

By viewing the order, you can see all the order details, including:
  • what was ordered
  • how it was paid
  • delivery address
  • when the order was submitted
  • when the order is/was due 
  • any feedback from the customer

Refund (partial or full amount) 

Please see our  Refunding an Order article for more details. 

Resend Receipt to Customer 

This feature emails the receipt to the customeragain to customers via email.

Resend order to restaurant (limited to certain notification types)

This feature sends the receipt to the POS system again.

Adjust Order Date/Time

You can easily change the order date and/or time.

Send a Coupon
This will send the customer a coupon with a one-time use code. This is a great way to deal with both unhappy and very happy customers. 
Select the "Send a Coupon" button from the top right of the order.

The following form will appear with a drop down for "Select a Coupon to Send".  This will allow you to choose from an existing coupon to send to the customer. You can also choose to send the customer a note with any coupon.

Note: These are the coupons that you have previously created in  Settings>Coupons.

View Delivery Details (if applicable)

Please see our Viewing Delivery Details article for more information.

Delete Order

You can delete an order completely removing it from the system.

Ban a Customer

This function is found in the arrow located next to "Back to Orders". This can be used to ban customers that are out of delivery range, have been fraudulent with credit card usage or simply bad customers.

Provide Fraud Scoring

You can help track customer’s ordering patterns by using our Fraud Scoring. You have an option to mark the order as fraudulent or not fraudulent.
On the bottom of the page, you will see this:
Once reviewing the options, make the one of the following selections:
  • Select Good only if the order is definitely not fraudulent.
  • Select Bad only if the order is definitely fraudulent.

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