How To Retrieve the Windows Application Event Logs

There may be times when you're experiencing Receipt Printer or POS integration errors -- there's no better place to begin investigating than the Windows Application Event Logs! If you experience any problems, our Support Team will likely request the event logs around the given time frame that errors have been acknowledged. Here's how to grab and export those:

Opening Event Viewer

  1. From the Windows Start Menu, click "Run". Or,  hold down the WINKEY (between CTRL and ALT), and press R.
  2. Type in eventvwr.
  3. Hit "OK".

Accessing the Application Logs

  1. Ensure the Left Pane (1) is expanded.
  2. Expand the dropdown, "Windows Logs" (2).
  3. Click "Application" (3).

Exporting the Application Logs

  1. Ensure the Right Pane (1) is expanded.
  2. Choose, "Save All Events As..." (2).
  3. A window should popup requesting where to save the file, and what to name it (3). **Please name it your RID, if you do not know your RID, YOUR_RESTAURANTS_NAME is fine.
  4. Click, "Save" (4), and send the exported log file to

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