Troubleshooting Specific MICROS Errors

Level-Related Errors

Error Text

The level passed to the function does not match the definition information


One of the items in the order is incorrectly mapped to the POS item in MICROS.

When the POS integration added an item to the check in MICROS, the level number that we used could not be found.  By default, the integration sends Level 1, unless a specific level has been configured for an item (this is not common).


First, the offending item must be identified.  If there are multiple items in the order, we recommend:

  1. Checking the POS mappings for each item in the order to see that they look correct.  If any mappings are incorrect, simply re-mapping may resolve the problem.
  2. Checking the configuration in MICROS for each item, to ensure that the desired item and menu level is available (usually Level 1).
  3. If everything above appears correct, place test orders, one at a time, with just one item from the order.  When one of the test orders fails, the item in the order will be the one with the problem.

Potential Causes / Resolution

  • Incorrect POS ID
    The POS ID mapping may be incorrect.  Check the POS mapping within the Paytronix Online Ordering configuration to verify that the item is correctly mapped.
  • Invalid Level
    The level that the POS integration is sending ( e.g. level 1) may not be available for the item.  This is not common, as level 1 is usually set for items.  Check the item configuration in MICROS, including the Item Level Class, to verify that the appropriate level is available.