Preventing Credit Card Fraud

A fraudulent chargeback is a frustrating dispute.  If the order was truly placed with a stolen card, your chances of winning the dispute are effectively zero.  However, that doesn't mean that fraudulent orders are a necessary evil; Paytronix Online Ordering provides several mechanisms to proactively combat credit card fraud.

The Key: Prevention

As noted above, once the order has been fulfilled and the cardholder disputes the charge, your chances of actually winning the dispute are quite low, if it is really a stolen card.  The key to fighting fraud is prevention, catching the fraudulent orders upfront.

Paytronix Online Ordering Fraud Filter

Paytronix Online Ordering provides a fraud filtering solution that will score orders and alert you to potentially-fraudulent orders.  This will allow your staff to further validate the order by checking the customer's card and ID, to make sure everything is in order.

Please see  Handling Potentially Fraudulent Orders for more information on how to handle fraud alerts.


Open Dining's Fraud Filter creates an actionable event. When your location is utilizing a POS integration, tablet, or our Order Notifier to receive Online Orders, we post a notification usually by indicating, " **CHECK ID**"  at the top of a receipt or within our applications. Our Fraud Filter assesses a point value based on a criteria -- such as; failed payment attempts, "throwaway" email addresses, VoIP telephone numbers, etc. It is important to know that our Fraud Filter does not prevent orders from coming through since it is intended for detection and notification. This ensures the best possible experience for customers who may have accidentally been detected as potentially fraudulent. Having your staff to understand the "Check ID" notifications and match the customer with the credit card used is the best way to prevent fraudulent activity and/or a chargeback.

Open Dining Payments: Machine Learning Fraud Prevention

Open Dining's payment solution provides machine learning-based fraud detection systems to proactively detect and decline fraudulent charges.  This is entirely automated and built directly into Open Dining Payments; no additional action is necessary to activate or utilize it.  Fraudulent transactions will automatically be declined, shielding you from the transactions.


You must be using Open Dining Payments to utilize this feature. Other payment gateways/processors will not provide this benefit. You can switch to Open Dining Payments via your Payment Settings section; please see Switching to Open Dining Payments for more details.