Paytronix Payments: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Receive Funds / Payouts?

Paytronix Payments sends your funds directly to your bank account.  Your Payments section will display the payout schedule applied to your account.

For US accounts, your funds are paid out daily, usually taking an additional 2 business days to transfer to your bank account, resulting in a total 3 day payout period.

Examples (assuming the location is in the U.S. EST timezone):

1.) Online Orders placed on Tuesday, up until 3:00AM EST will be paid out and transferred to your bank account by Thursday.

2.) Online Orders placed over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) up until 3:00AM EST on Sunday will be paid out and transferred by the coming Tuesday.

Note Regarding Transaction Cut-Off Times

Paytronix Online Ordering does not have control over the daily transaction Cut-Off time. This is controlled by our banking partner. True Cut-Off time is Midnight GMT:

During Daylight Savings Time Observance (Spring/Summer)

  • EDT - 4:00 AM
  • CDT - 3:00 AM
  • MDT - 2:00 AM
  • PDT - 1:00 AM

During Standard Time (Fall/Winter)

  • EST - 3:00 AM
  • CST - 2:00 AM
  • MST - 1:00 AM
  • PST - 12:00 AM

How Are Processing Fees Charged?

Processing fees are charged directly to your Paytronix Payments account.  The amounts that are sent to your bank account already include processing fees -- no separate transaction / deduction will be made.

My Payout Shows "Paid" but the Funds Aren't in My Bank Account

Most accounts are on a daily transfer schedule, meaning that we initiate the transfers to your bank account every day.  However, most banks will only process transfers on business days, and it usually takes 2 business days for funds to appear in US-based accounts.

If you don't see funds for a payout within a few business days, the transfer may have failed.  Please verify your banking information on the Paytronix Payments system, and contact our support team if you need additional help.

If we receive notice of a failed transfer, we will send you an e-mail notification to alert you of the problem and help get it corrected.

Why Is My First Transfer Taking Longer Than Expected?

Your first transfer is held for 7 days to provide additional time for our banking partners to underwrite and investigate any risk associated with your processing account.  After the first transfer, future transfers will not require this hold time, and will be transferred according to the schedule for your country.

What Do I Do If a Transfer Fails?

If a transfer fails, we'll send you an e-mail notification.  Start by logging in to Paytronix Online Ordering and verifying that your payment bank account is correct.  If you update your bank account information within Paytronix Payments, we will retry the transfer.

If your bank account is valid and correct within Paytronix Online Ordering, reach out to your bank for more information / investigation.

How Long Do Refunds Take to Process?

We submit refunds immediately, but funds may take several business days (up to a week) to appear in your customer's account.

Can a Refund be Canceled?

Refunds cannot be canceled once submitted.  Please double-check refund information before submitting a refund.

Why Am I Charged a Fee for Disputes / Chargebacks?

When a customer files a chargeback, Paytronix Payments will deduct the disputed amount, along with the chargeback fee, to cover the cost of processing the dispute.  This fee is imposed by our processing partners.  If you win the dispute, the chargeback fee and full dispute amount will be returned to your account.